June 20 @ 8:00 am

Presenter: Cindy Braun, TFSD Mileposts District Lead

Audience:  All

Room: 410A

Join the 2017 R.I.L.L.A. award-winning Twin Falls School District Mileposts Leads for a discussion about our vision, organization, and leadership model.  Gain insights on how the Twin Falls School District uses state leadership monies to build a team who is helping make Mileposts the go-to tool for improving student outcomes.  We will share with you how we utilize these district level and building level Mileposts Leads to improve program usage and consistency. You will learn how we sustain our usage expectations and promote continual staff training as well as support new staff members that join our team!  #milepostsmatters

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Posted: June 13th, 2018