Proven Success

Mileposts is the best tool we could have implemented for our educators to use data to improve instruction and increase focus through individualized plans and supports.

Dr. Joseph Wise - Chief Education Officer

Distinctive Schools, Chicago, IL

Improve instruction and increase focus

Distinctive Schools, Chicago

Distinctive Schools (Distinctive), a charter school organization located in Chicago, Illinois, was founded on the strong belief that given sufficient and customized support, schools can move from good to great, even in a climate of diminishing resources. They are focused on excellence across the board: in operational management, in classroom instruction, and above all, in student achievement.
Silverback was brought in because Distinctive wanted better access to data to inform instructional decisions, more structure and cohesiveness for their Response to Intervention (RtI) process, and more consistent, transparent benchmarking methods to discern student progress. A few educators had developed “home-grown” strategies to bring assessment, RtI, and benchmarking data and processes into their classroom, but the duplication of effort and “silo effect” at their campuses was inefficient and counterproductive. Silverback worked closely with the Distinctive Schools staff to show how Mileposts would fit most of the user requirements, and could be user-customized to fit the rest. On December 16th 2011, we completed installation phase 1 and training for school administration, directors, and teacher leaders, who showed great enthusiasm for the new abilities that Mileposts would give them in the classroom and the administrative offices.
Silverback helped Distinctive Schools move 63% of Low Performing – At Risk students to On Track for HS/College Ready, and an additional 20% from On Track to High Performers, in just six months.


Results in Chicago using Silverback Mileposts with NWEA MAP assessments